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Diploma in Hardware and Networking

Duration 6 month(Dialy)

Course contents:


 Different type of computer parts identification
 Identifying of different types of cables used in a computer
 Assembling and de-assembling a computer
 CMOS settings (BIOS)
 Partitioning and formatting a hard disk drive
 Boot devices and how to boot with different options
 Operating system installation like windows, Linux, Solaris…etc
 Installation of different device drivers
 Installation of regular small software
 Booting procedure of windows and Linux in a single computer
 Different types of Internet connection settings and configuration
 Understanding of POP and SMTP protocols to configure mail client like Outlook Express or MS Outlook
 Mail folder backup and restore
 Data backup using backup program

Networking and Administration

 Crimping straight and cross cables and explanation about different type of cables we use in networking
 Understanding about HUB and Switch
 Connecting computers in peer to peer network, understanding about workgroup environment
 Understanding about centralised administration, configuring domain network
 Installation and configuring DNS and configure a server as its own client
 Promoting member server as domain controller
 Managing local and domain users
 Sharing and accessing files and folders
 Sharing printers and internet connection
 What is a router and understanding about default gateway
 Installing and configuring DHCP server service
 Obtaining IP address automatically from a specified ip range
 Understanding of routing and remote access
 Understanding about basic and dynamic disks
 Creating partitions and volumes
 Configuring distributed file systems
 Group policy and software installation using group policy
 Remote Installation services